Still a force to be reckoned with:
The Boomer Woman. 

IIronically, it all started with a doll
named Barbie™.

In 1959, this petite, pretty young woman took the world by storm. She captivated a generation and exemplified what it meant to be a woman.

But as some of the little girls who played with her grew up, they saw that Barbie's world – a world filled with curlers, cold cream and country clubs - just wasn’t enough. They soon realized that to reach their own potential, they would have to break the rules.

And make their own.

They would go on to change the world and redefine what it means to be a woman.

But today, instead of embracing the strength, sophistication and savvy that are the hallmarks of this remarkable group of women, marketers have just created
a new doll – the Boomer Doll ©.

You see her every night on television, that depressed, constipated, overweight, over-medicated woman who is obsessed with odors and would rather eat ice cream than have sex. She has become the most misunderstood, discriminated against, and undervalued consumer in the world.

You would never think of her as owning or being an evangelist for Apple computers, Mini Coopers, Blackberry smartphones, Wii games, Burton Snowboards, Babolat tennis racquets, or season tickets to the Lakers. Nor would you conclude that she is actually an insatiable downloader of music, e-books and apps, not to mention,the biggest presence on Facebook. But she is.

And she is angry at the way she is being portrayed.

Smart. Motivated. Aware. I call her the GenModern™ woman.

I have spent my entire career speaking to her. I have a unique take on how to reach her. I know how to get her attention and get her to listen. I understand the current zeitgeist and can leverage that knowledge in ways that are meaningful and compelling to her.

In these challenging economic times, you cannot afford to underestimate this crucial consumer.

With her intelligence, guts and style, she is still leading the way. The GenModern™ woman - the driving force of

a generation that won’t take old for an answer™.