I am Jeanne Chinard.

I was 21. It was New York.  
And Madison Avenue was not a euphemism for Advertising,
but an actual address for the industry of dreams.

My first year in the business may have been the most daunting.
But I won a Clio.
And I showed them I had what it took. I moved on and moved up.
I became a creative director at agencies large and small.

I have always thrived on problem solving.

For me, the best solution always combines the varied expressions of communication
(art, music, writing, photography, etc.) with the zeitgeist of the day.
The challenge is to create a message so compelling,
it makes someone think, feel or do something differently.

Of all of my work,
I am most proud of my campaign for the NYC 10K L’eggs Mini Marathon.
It was empowering and entertaining. And it worked.

“Who Says Women Can't Run The World” was the battle cry
printed on t-shirts that women wore - until they wore them out.

My work has inspired women to vote in elections, run in marathons,
and to always wear lipstick. I have written copy, published poetry and authored speeches for corporate presidents.

I have worked closely with Tommy Hilfiger, Kate & Andy Spade,
Jo Malone, and Leonard Lauder.  I have presented game changing ideas to
the CEO’s of Xerox, AT&T, Citibank, J.C. Penny, L’Oreal and Estee Lauder. 

I have partnered with world-class photographers, actors, models,
stylists, directors and editors and lived to talk about it. 

I have won industry awards, recognition and respect.

Today, I am the President of ET Y AND.
We strive to eliminate the obstacles and break down the barriers
between a brand and its ultimate potential.

Most recently, I launched the brand Doing Other Things.
DOT is quickly becoming an essential resource
"for the generation that won’t take old for an answer©."

Discovering the connections between people and ideas
is where I find my inspiration.