Beauty creams that can make you age ten years.
Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 1:39PM
jeanne chinard

by Jeanne Chinard

I was catching up on my magazines this weekend and as I turned the pages, I think I aged ten years.

This is some of what I saw.

First, an Estee LauderTM ad for new Resilience Lift Extreme Makeup. Resilience is a classic skincare collection in Estee Lauder beauty line. It is on the higher end in price, so it is presented as a luxurious but efficacious cream to use as your skin starts to age. When I was the Creative Director of Estee Lauder, I shot an ad for Resilience with Dayle Haddon. It was notable for the fact that she was actually age appropriate for the cream – which at the time was never done. So the new makeup – which I am sure, is wonderful – was introduced with a promise of youthful skin. But it was shown on a lovely model...who is 22 years old!!

It’s a “lift” makeup!! When you are 22, you do not need to have anything lifted.

The next beauty spread was for CliniqueTM, which also promised younger looking skin. Instantly. Sure. And do I look so bad that it has to work instantly?

At least the bottles were age neutral.

Next, opposite the masthead, Lancôme’s Absolue Precious Cells, which “recovers the visible signs of younger skin” – whatever that means.

Where did I leave them? And how about the invisible signs? Then, an ad for RoC®, a brand I love, which promised to give me 10 years back!

Ten years! I’d love to get the last ten years back – but please, don’t overpromise. If your formulas are good, you don’t have to.

Finally, a Dior ad for Capture Totale’s One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum, with Sharon Stone as the model. It’s sophisticated and elegant. Yes, she’s probably had work done, but in this particular ad, unlike some others, she looks great. The ad addresses aging, but in a confident way. The words “age defying” are tucked into the first line of the copy. It’s discreet. It didn’t attack me, worry me, or try to scare me into buying it.

So it’s not that you can’t talk about aging. Oprah’s O magazine is chock full of articles and advice about being the best you can be, inside and out, at any age. Much of it is about growing older. It just doesn’t make you feel old.

So marketers, if you are going to place an ad in a magazine, please, read the magazine first. Be honest with your claims. Show age appropriate models. And don’t try to scare me. If you bludgeon me with how desperately I need to look younger, trust me, I am going to look for the brands that don’t.

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